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Monday, September 28, 2015

Is Weight Loss Surgery Right For You?

Obesity is a common and widespread epidemic in America as it affects millions of adults and children. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 78.6 million adults (34.9%) are obese and 12.7 million children and adolescents (17%) are obese, which is a startling statistic. It's certain that many people struggle with their weight and sometimes it can be even harder to lose it; but did you know someone could be overweight due to their genes – it's not just diet or lifestyle factors anymore. In fact, some people who are overweight and obese have genetic mutations that contribute to the way their body's process food.
New discoveries have zeroed in on DNA-based markers that have shed light on the reason why it's so hard for people to lose weight. Recent research looked at the Mrap2 gene that's found in both animals and people, which affects certain bodily processes when it comes to food, appetite and metabolism. A study consisted of a group of mice that were fed the same number of calories as a group of control animals but they continued to gain weight despite having the same diet. This lead the researchers to figure out the mice with the mutated gene were sequestering the fat rather than breaking it down for energy use.

The researchers concluded that mutations found in the Mrap2 gene led the animals to eat less initially but still put on weight two times as fast than they normally would. The mice, like people, process two copies of this gene and even with one mutated copy, they will experience significant weight gain, and of course, it wouldn't be nearly as much if they had two mutated copies of Mrap2. After this finding, the scientists went on to study 500 obese people and found four mutations in the human version of Mrap2. In each person, they only had one bad copy of the gene but displayed similar results from the previous study with the mice.

With that said, people have believed for years that lifestyle and diet were the only contributing factors to weight gain, but with this new study, it could be due to a genetic mutation. It might make sense for some who suffer from obesity because they could be doing everything they could to lose weight but it is just not happening. Whether it's exercising, healthier dieting or weight loss aides, the weight could be a biological and genetically based.

Your Options
If diet and exercising isn't working for you, you might need to consider a different option that is a practically guaranteed way to drop the unwanted weight. By visiting Oklahoma City surgeons, you could be the ideal candidate for bariatric surgery that is one of the top ways to lose weight. The basics of this type of weight loss surgery involves altering the digestive tract in one way or another. This could include removing a part of the intestine or stomach, which will decrease the amount of food you could ingest. Ultimately, this would make a person feel fuller and more satisfied after a meal very fast and this would help your body lose weight.

After the surgery is completed, most patients experience weight loss at a very fast pace but some tend to put some of the weight back on because it was easy to initially lose it. However, patients who stick to a stringent diet and healthy eating choices can keep the weight off for years, making bariatric surgery a long-term solution to weight loss. In fact, depending on the specific bariatric operation, people will often lose between 30% and 50% of their extra weight in a 6 month time period after the surgery.

If you're struggling with weight loss and have tried every diet and exercise routine to lose weight, bariatric surgery might be the best option for you, especially in light of the Mrap 2 genetic mutation. 

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