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Friday, July 24, 2015

5 Signs of a Good Surgery Center

There are many doctors who offer surgery in Oklahoma City and a fair number of surgery centers. However, if your doctor has recommended a surgical procedure, it can be hard to know which center to head to, or to tell which ones are best. Here are five signs of a good surgery center that you can use to guide your search:

people performing surgery

1.  Specializes in surgery – A good surgery center is exactly that—a specialized clinic that focuses its practice on providing surgeries. They have devoted their resources to creating the ideal surgical environment, complete with the latest and best equipment. Generally, a doctor working out of a private practice without a complete surgery center will not have the same equipment and resources at his or her disposal. Dedicated surgery centers provide patients with more options and have protocols for emergency treatment where needed.

2.  Track record of good outcomes – Does this surgery center do the best job possible for its patients? Do they follow all best practices and have a high rate of good outcomes for their patients? What do doctors, professional associations, consumer reviews and the Health Department say about the center? These are questions you should ask when choosing the venue for your surgery. A little bit of homework can go a long way!

3.  Configured for wide variety of surgeries – Generally, a surgery center should have a variety of specialties and be fully-equipped for each one. For example, the equipment used in vascular surgery is different from than that used in many weight loss surgeries or gynecological surgeries, and all of them are different from neurosurgeries for nervous system disorders. Check which specialties your surgery center offers and make sure they cater to your specific type of procedure.

4.  Additional treatment options – A surgery center may offer specialized treatments such as a hyperbaric pressure treatment. They should have a pain management department as well and be capable of providing follow-up care after your surgery.

5.  Experienced, highly-trained surgeons – Perhaps the single factor that makes the biggest difference in patient outcomes after procedure is surgeon experience and training. A surgery center should understand this and have staff with specific areas of expertise, licensing and training in their respective surgical specialties, and experience performing such surgeries before. You should be able to meet the specific doctor who will be performing your surgery before the big day and ask questions about your procedure.

What else do you look for in a surgery center? Summit Medical Center offers the most comprehensive care for every surgical procedure. Call or contact us today to set up a consultation!



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