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Friday, May 29, 2015

How Does Pain Management Work?

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Living with pain is much harder than people imagine unless they have been through it themselves. Chronic or long-term pain can affect every aspect of life, from your mobility to your ability to work at your job, and from your day-to-day happiness to your ability to concentrate or enjoy fun activities. But as severe as pain can be, most people don't just want to be given a prescription for pain pills—they want real pain management, and luckily there are many options for pain management in Oklahoma City that we offer here at Summit Medical Center.

Pain management refers to the process of eliminating the cause of pain, reducing pain, or making it easier to engage in everyday activities affected by the pain. It is a holistic approach to dealing with pain in your life. There are several aspects to pain management, including the following:
  • Physical/occupational therapy – This is a huge source of relief to many patients who experience pain as well as mobility issues or challenges working. Depending on the source of the pain, simply making sure to use the affected area in the proper way (avoiding movements that damage it) could make a difference. Additionally, exercises to strengthen the muscles involved or to stretch and mobilize them can go a long way. This will include both treatments in our pain management clinic and exercises at home.
  • Nurse practitioners – Nurse practitioners are experienced at helping people practice good self-care and make sure that their daily habits do not aggravate their pain.
  • Clinical psychologists – Some pain is caused by or exacerbated by stress. This does not mean the pain is "all in your head." It is very real pain that can be treated by identifying and reducing the sources of anxiety and stress in your life. Clinical psychologists can use proven therapy methods to intervene and reduce or release anxiety, potentially reducing pain.
  • Pharmaceuticals – In some cases, medications really are the best way to go, or should be used in tandem with the approaches mentioned above. A responsible approach to pain management uses pain killers where needed, but not as a "cure all" for every patient.
Of course, these are just the basics of how pain management works at Summit Medical Center. Our quality pain management program takes an in-depth, multi-pronged approach that depends on your specific needs and case history. This can lead to more comprehensive treatment of pain, greater pain relief right away, and better outcomes long-term. Call or contact us today for more information or to schedule an appointment!



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