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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Are You Considering Lap Band Surgery?

At Summit Medical Center, we're privileged to have some of the nation's leading lap band surgeons. As the levels of obesity in our country rise, more and more Oklahoma residents are considering bariatric options like the lap band to control their weight and improve their health. However, it's a big decision. What do you need to know if you're considering lap band surgery in Oklahoma?

What is Lap Band Surgery?

Lap band surgery is just one of many types of weight loss surgery, but it is among the least invasive and is generally the preferred approach by most doctors (when it's suitable for a patient). A lap band is essentially a sleeve that's fitted around the top of the stomach, reducing the stomach's overall size. This reduces how quickly food can be absorbed and means you feel full faster, with less food.

Who is a Candidate?

Not everyone is a suitable candidate for a lap band surgery, though. While it is among the least invasive gastric procedures, the lap band is still a surgical operation and should be used as a last resort. Only the most severely obese patients should consider bariatric surgery, and only after trying to diet and exercise under a physician's guidance. If these other measures fail, then surgery may be the best option.

Why Lap Band?

If surgery is appropriate, the lap band is preferred for several reasons. In this surgery, no part of the stomach or intestine is removed. Nothing is "stapled" inside you and the stomach is not bypassed or re-routed. This means that the surgery is far less complex or risky, especially when it can be performed laparoscopically, meaning that only a very small incision is made in the body. When possible, this results in shorter recovery time and less scarring.

Is it Permanent?

In most cases, the lap band procedure is reversible. Most other bariatric procedures are permanent, but the lap band can be removed if there is an adverse side effect. If the lap band works properly and the patient loses weight with no unexpected side effects, it is generally left in permanently.

Like other bariatric surgeries, you will need to tightly control your diet very carefully afterwards. The reduced size of your stomach will affect not only how much you can eat, but what you should eat. Although the lap band is not ideal for everyone, for many obese patients it can lead to weight loss, a longer lifespan, and better diabetes management. For many people in Oklahoma, this can be a lifesaver.

Are you considering lap band surgery? Talk to one of our specialists at Summit Medical Center to see which procedure would most benefit you. Our surgeons can explain all the details of each surgery, the side effects, and the type of lifestyle you will need to take care of your new body. Contact us today with any questions or concerns you have about lap band surgery or any other gastric procedure!



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