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Thursday, December 26, 2013

3 Important Questions to Ask Yourself When Considering Weight Loss Surgery

Weight control can be a constant battle. You can try all of the traditional weight loss methods -- such as following a proper diet, exercising regularly and taking medication -- and still not see the results you want. When you've exhausted all other avenues, you may consider weight loss surgery. Although this has proven to be a successful way to achieve weight goals, it is vital that you fully understand the associated risks and the life changes that follow. Below are three important questions that you should ask yourself in order to decide if weight loss surgery is right for you. 

Have you really tried other weight loss methods?

It's easy to say that you've tried other weight loss methods, but have you really? Did you work out, follow a proper diet and try medication for a reasonable amount of time? Surgery is a good option when traditional methods of weight loss have failed, but it should be a last resort. Also, keep in mind that some insurance companies will only cover the expense if you have made an earnest effort using traditional methods. 

Can you learn new habits?

When you decide to undergo weight loss surgery, your doctor will give you a diet that you will have to follow before and after the procedure. This diet will be easy on your body before and after the procedure and help you to lose weight and keep it off. You will have to develop entirely new eating habits, which include limiting certain foods, eating smaller portions, increasing your exercise, avoiding emotional eating and remembering not to eat and drink at the same time, among others. It's crucial that you stick to your new diet so that you don't re-gain weight or have any medical complications. 

Will you have the support you need?

Support is crucial, and it's no coincidence that patients with the most success post-surgery are often those with a large network of friends, family, and others to assist them. There are a variety of weight loss surgery support groups available to help you with both the emotional and practical aspects of the procedure. It's smart to find one before you have actually undergone the surgery so that you can know what to expect and get advice. Additionally, speak to family and friends for their support as well. Tell them about your new lifestyle so that they can help support you in your new habits. 

Your health is important and you should only make decisions concerning it that will benefit you. Find out if weight loss surgery is for you by speaking to a weight loss surgery specialist in Oklahoma City today.



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