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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Difference between Ophthalmologists and Optometrists

Healthcare is now filled with unique careers that cater to most of the needs of the community. Aside from doctors, there are also specialists that tend to specific duties that go above and beyond general care. Because these doctors are usually only visited when there's a problem, some people don't know who to go to for certain conditions.

When it comes to your eyes, proper care is necessary. While some people begin to lose their eyesight with age, others have had poor vision all of their lives. Without a specialist taking care of you, your sight could eventually get worse and you will struggle with everyday tasks. Worse yet, poor sight could lead to serious injury through car accidents and the like. Having the wrong prescription could also hurt your eyes more in the long run, which is why regular visits to the eye doctor are so crucial to your health and well-being. So, when looking for the best eye doctor in Oklahoma, where do you start?

By definition, optometry is a profession in the healthcare industry that focuses on the eyes and their related visual structures (such as vision and the way we, as humans, process the things that we see). By studying optometry, doctors develop the ability to assess eye health and functionality and to recommend a course of action based on each person's unique situation. This includes testing each patient to determine the specific prescription that they need. Optometrists' main responsibility is primarily to do with external solutions, such as contact lenses, glasses, and vision therapy, as opposed to internal procedures. 


Ophthalmology is a branch of science that covers the surgery and disease management of the visual pathways, including the brain, eye, and the areas surrounding it. Individuals who practice Ophthalmology are considered the most advanced in their field and are often capable of handling sophisticated invasive procedures in order to correct issues and cure or rid the body of diseases. Ophthalmologists are also responsible for the management of eye assessments that could be used in diagnosing advanced ocular diseases such as glaucoma.

Both of these groups of professionals are vital to medical institutions that deal with eye care and ocular diseases. When you are looking for help managing this most important of senses, make sure to find an Oklahoma Ophthalmology professional with experience and an excellent reputation.



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