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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

In Oklahoma, Medical Centers Make Patient Care Multifarious and Sound

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Thanks to private medical centers like Summit Medical Center in Oklahoma that employ medical doctors of various talents, exceptional care is available to Oklahomans in a way it has never been before.

Now a patient can receive highly specialized care in a private medical center that was once only available in small private practices and public hospitals. 

The problem with private practices is that they can only be counted on for one thing; the problem with public and university hospitals is that they often become too big for their own good.  Although they often offer a wide range of medical care, a genuine concern for each patient is often absent.  With medical centers, you get the best of both worlds: the focused care present in a private practice and the variety offered by a public hospital.

Everything From Ophthalmology to Bariatric Surgery

At Summit Medical Center, we're proud to offer exceptional surgery and treatment for a wide variety of medical problems.  Each of our skilled physicians heads a specific department and continuously enforces best medical practices.

Take our Oklahoma Ophthalmology services for instance and the people in charge of it like Dr. Bradley Don Britton, M.D.  He and our other ophthalmologist are dedicated to completing accurate diagnoses and employing treatments specific to each patient's individual health and needs.  With vast amounts of experience in different fields of ophthalmology, our doctors are able to perform the following with the utmost skill:

·         Anterior segment surgery
·         Pediatric ophthalmology/Strabismus
·         Refractive surgery
·         and much more ...

There's also our Oklahoma Bariatric services  that help you lose weight.

That's right – weight loss AND eye surgery all under one roof.

Other departments at Summit Medical Center that include highly specific areas of treatment include plastic surgery, pain management, neurosurgery and general surgery.

Visit our services page or in person to learn more about what sets us apart from other Oklahoma medical centers. Call us with any questions anytime 405-359-2400.

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