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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Achieving Awareness and Understanding of the Neurological Industry

In 2013, between the dates of April 28 and May, the American Association of Neurological Surgeons will celebrate National Neurosurgery Awareness Week alongside of the 81st Annual Scientific Meeting in New Orleans. Doctors from around the nation will be gathering in Louisiana to generate awareness for two major issues – the safety of patients and concussion awareness. The capabilities of neurological science is advancing at a rapid rate, and doctors must work together in order to figure out the latest improvements in aiding patients. It’s also important for the members of the neuroscience culture to communicate with those that rely on them so that a relationship of trust can be built over time.

In order to increase the awareness of neurological problems, Oklahoma neurosurgery doctors have participated in a slide show with various other partners. The demonstration gives doctors the chance to inform the public in depth about the brain and problems it can encounter.  It’s their goal to educate sports coaches, parents, and park district officials on concussions. As one of the most frequent - and potentially deadly - head injuries, it is integral that as many people as possible can recognize the signs of a concussion. By attempting to inform the public, neurosurgeons may very well be taking preventative measures to future complications.

Nothing can permanently do away with the threat of neurological trauma, but sharing information is the first step toward living in a world with as little of it as possible. National Neurosurgery Awareness Week is not just a conference for brain surgeons, but an opportunity for anyone to increase their understanding. Countless articles and other media regarding the safety and well-being of your brain, skull, back, and spine can be read for free at the conference, or online at the AANS’s website.

Would you want to learn about concussions, and perhaps view the AANS’s slideshow?

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