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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

When Should You Seek Oklahoma Weight Loss Surgery?

Many patients who seek Oklahoma weight loss surgery do so because they have run out of options. They need surgical intervention after they’ve exercised all other means to lose weight and are at serious risk of high blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular issues, stroke, arthritis and the countless other diseases and conditions associated with obesity. What are these means that should be tried first?

·         Consult your doctor or a nutritionist to come up with a diet plan that fits with your lifestyle. US News and World Report devotes an issue each year to the healthiest diets, with the Dash Diet, Mediterranean Diet, and TLC Diet usually ranking among the best.

·         Living a more active lifestyle. This does not just mean hiring a trainer or buying P90X tapes. This could be dangerous if you haven’t exercised in a while. Always consult a doctor before starting an exercise program. It could just mean taking the stairs more or walking instead of driving. By getting off the couch, you’ll be able to start the path to the 150 minutes of exercise and twice a week strength training that the Mayo Clinic recommends for adults.

If you’ve tried to exercise and diet more and still have a BMI over 40 and are at risk, weight loss surgery may be in your best interest. They are very low-risk and highly effective. The NIH has done countless studies on weight loss surgeries and a large percentage of patients do find that their obesity-related health complications are resolved or diminished.

There are many different types of bariatric surgeries out there to consider, so be sure to consult a bariatric surgeon to get an idea of what options are available to you.



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