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Friday, April 26, 2013

Arthroscopy and Orthopedics: a Powerful Combination

Arthroscopy, a practice that started in Japan in the 1920's and evolved with modern technology, has been used to treat millions of patients with joint, muscle, cartilage and bone injuries.  The benefits it has over open surgery are impressive. 

No Direct Sight Needed: Just a Small Pair of Lens

One of the main reasons arthroscopy and orthopedics work so well together is because of the tool that gives arthroscopy its name, the arthroscope.  This tool – a fiber optic camera – replaces the need for the surgeon to see the source of the problem directly.  It slips through a small open hole in the body and acts as a small pair of eyes. 

This means that the surgeon can look at a screen that accurately depicts what's occurring inside the patient and not have to make direct contact.  In other words, a large open cut isn't needed.  Usually, only a small incision is needed to insert fine microscopic instruments.

Joints Move More

Although a large surgical cut isn't good in any case, it's especially hindering with orthopedic surgery.  The reason a small cut is preferred over a larger one in orthopedics is because there's a lot of movement in the body areas orthopedics deal with.

Think about it: knees, elbows, hips, ankles, shoulders and other actively moving body parts.  Because it's especially hard to keep these areas from moving – because that's what they do, move! – the healing process becomes more drawn out after open surgery.  With open surgery, it's easier for tears to occur in these areas since they are naturally attracted to movement.

Think in comparison to open heart surgery.  The chest area doesn't move like joint treated in orthopedics.  It remains stationary and doesn't swing like an arm or leg.  Open surgery is more conducive when dealing with areas like the chest, but, as mentioned above, hindering to areas prone to movement.

If you're having joint pain or muscle and bone problems, the orthopedics in Oklahoma City performed by the expert team at Summit Medical Center can help.  Call 405-359-2400 or contact us online.



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