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Friday, March 1, 2013

Five Myths About Oklahoma Weight Loss Surgery

We know that pursuing weight loss surgery is stressful, but it does not have to be as scary as many patients think it is. There are several myths floating around that you should know are absolutely false. Understanding the truth about these five myths will make you feel better about your pursuit of health.

1. One of the most prevalent myths surrounding Oklahoma weight loss surgery is that it always requires an extensive stay at the hospital. The truth is that with modern technology, a short stay of up to two nights is all you may need after your procedure.

2. Some people are hesitant to pursue surgery because they think it is "too easy" of a solution. The truth about losing weight is that it requires a lot of hard work along with necessary dietary and activity changes. No matter if you choose to lose weight with surgery or not, you are making a commitment, so you are still required to eat well and exercise; surgery helps, but it is certainly not the easy way out.

3. There are plenty of people who believe that in order to qualify for a weight loss surgery, you need to have a serious medical condition. We will assess your body mass index in addition to overall health before determining whether or not the procedure is right for you. Some body mass indexes instantly qualify you for surgery, even if you do not have any health problems.

4. Regardless of what many people believe, the recovery time following weight loss surgery is very reasonable. In situations lacking additional complications, recovery once out of the hospital takes less than two weeks. In many cases, patients resume their daily activities in around one week.

5. One of the biggest concerns among patients looking to lose weight is that they will be unable to eat delicious foods. While some patients find that they no longer eat as much as they used to, the food is typically just as delicious. Learning how to cook with new and healthy ingredients can actually be an empowering part of your recovery.

Oklahoma weight loss surgery can truly transform lives, making it an option well worth considering. If you are trying to lose a significant amount of weight, our services could be the right fit for you.



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