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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Have a Flex Spend Account? Don't Wait until December to Have Major Work Done!

For people in Oklahoma with flexible spending accounts, a lot of careful planning goes into arranging the anticipated amount of funds to be used during the upcoming year for health and dental costs; however, all this planning can be beneficial. Since money can be budgeted ahead of time, it's easier to handle necessary procedures such as weight loss surgery, dental work, and knee replacements.

Most flexible spending accounts are replenished with funds January 1st, which is a prime time to schedule any desired procedures. Many people put off things like major dental work because they are afraid of going to the doctor. When the end of the year rolls around, though, many of these same people are suddenly looking for a way to spend their excess healthcare allowance before it disappears. Unfortunately, when a lot of people try to get appointments at the same time, it's just not possible to accommodate everyone.

Remember, when having any kind of procedure performed, there are often preliminary appointments, evaluations, and tests that must be done prior to the actual event. Several things have to be confirmed prior to any procedure:
  • Does the patient actually need it?
  • Does the patient qualify/Is it safe?
  • Does the patient understand the effects that an operation would have (e.g. risks, side-effects, recovery time, etc.)?
Establishing the answers to these and other questions has to be done prior to any medical action, and it can take time; showing up at a doctor's office on December 18th hoping for a quick fix before the month is out might be unrealistic.

Any money in a flex account that isn't used during the year will be lost, and it doesn't roll over. If a person doesn't plan well, they will end up with unused funds or, worse, may end up paying more for things that they might have been covered for. By preparing ahead of time for an Oklahoma weight loss surgery, eye procedure, or any other necessary operation, people can ensure that they are covered well before the end of the year crunch.



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