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Friday, December 21, 2012

Oklahoma Neurosurgery Improving General Health

Everything in your body is connected to your brain via your central nervous system. Although these neural pathways aren't always direct, the fact that they exist at all is indicative of how much the brain matters when it comes to your health. Problems that affect your entire body may be rooted in issues inside your skull, or complications in certain specific parts of the body may lead to brain complications. Our Oklahoma neurosurgery practice helps patients overcome various health issues by searching for their root causes inside the brain and in the rest of the nervous system.

Neurosurgery is an important treatment method that helps us provide medical care without resorting to the heavy handed approaches of decades and centuries past. By examining conditions inside the brain, spinal column, spinal cord, and other nerve clusters, we can learn about the overall state of the body as well as pinpoint the causes of specific health issues by seeing which nerves they affect. This diagnostic approach not only helps figure out why things are going wrong but how different complications relate to each other as well.

Since neurons are so small, the surgical techniques used to treat them are often far less invasive than those directed at larger tissue structures and organs. We couple these delicate procedures with advanced diagnostic and treatment techniques like MRI scanning and stereotactic surgery, ensuring that we can paint a clearer picture of the issues before we work to correct them.

Some techniques like the angioplasties that we use to widen blocked arteries and the aneurysm clippings that reduce the possibility of blood vessel rupture, are impossible to complete safely without advanced neurosurgery techniques. Our commitment to improving Oklahoma neurosurgery practices by including and advancing these techniques in a professional clinical setting is key to our ability to help patients recover from life-threatening injuries without experiencing post-treatment complications.



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