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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Oklahoma Neurosurgery You Can Trust

Neurosurgery is a medical specialty that focuses on the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and recovery of conditions that affect the spinal cord, peripheral nervous system, and the brain. Our experts offer Oklahoma neurosurgery services to patients seeking relief from the chronic pain that plagues their daily lives. Consider these benefits to Oklahoma neurosurgery procedures for the treatment of back pain due to a variety of causes.


In the practice of neurosurgery, we take advantage of the most advanced technology to pinpoint the exact location of pain. This allows us to focus treatment on the precise area causing the discomfort. Our neurosurgeons use technologies including magnetoencephalography (MEG), positron emission tomography (PET scans), stereotactic surgery, computerized tomography scans (CT scans) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of neurological disorders that cause back pain. For patients, this means less invasive and more accurate procedures as well as a shortened duration for recovery.


Neurosurgery for back pain offers relief when conservative treatments have failed to do so. Our Oklahoma neurosurgery specialists perform procedures such as diskectomies for patients with herniated spinal disks causing moderate to severe pain when conservative treatments such as steroid injections have done little to reduce the discomfort. In patients with lumbar spinal stenosis, our neurosurgeons offer decompressive laminectomy, which involves removal of a small amount of bone tissue to reverse narrowing of the spinal canal. We also offer surgical decompression, disk fusion and instrumentation to relieve back pain in patients who have not responded to conservative treatments.

Recovery after Neurosurgery

After our Oklahoma neurosurgery specialists perform a surgical treatment, we refer our patients for physical therapy to aid in the healing process. Through physical therapy, patients are able to regain strength, flexibility and range of motion. Physical therapy can reduce recovery time and help prevent further injuries that exacerbate pain. We involve patients throughout the entire treatment plan so that patients can get the best results for relief from back pain.



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